Education Day Programme

Have you ever wondered if babies can actually feel pain? Do these painful experiences during the early years have any long-term impact? Do friends influence pain management? Does self hypnosis work for children with pain?

This year’s Education Day promises an exciting update on a broad range of topics with something for everyone! From surgeons who might beinterested in post operative pain management and paediatricians who deal with procedural pain or to all who treat children with chronic pain. If you find that managing parents can sometimes be a ‘pain’, come and learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ on how to handle them. 

A special highlight of this year’s Education day is a half day hands-on workshop on ultrasound guided regional blocks in children. This hands-on workshop is limited to 30 participants, so register early to avoid disappointment!

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Venue - Sarawak Room

0800-0830                                                                                         Registration
0830-0900 Do babies feel pain? – Understanding the physiology and assessment of pain in neonates and infants Maria Fitzgerald 
0900-0930 Do infants and children remember pain? – What are the long lasting effects of acute pain? Suellen Walker
0930-1000 Can and do children tell the truth in pain reporting? – Measuring pain in children Carl von Baeyer 
1000-1020 Questions
1020-1050                                                                                                Tea 
1050-1120 Which analgesics are safe to use in babies and children? – Pharmacological treatment for acute pain Dilip Pawar 
1120-1150 ‘Books to Bedside – Applying Findings from the Procedural Pain Treatment Literature to an Individual Pediatric Patient’  Lindsey Cohen
1150-1220 Post-operative pain: a thing in the past? –Principles of post-operative pain management in neonates, infants and children Navil Sethna 
1220-1250 Questions
1250-1400                                                                                              Lunch (Melaka Room)
1400-1430 When the pain doesn’t go away - Model of care in chronic pain Rikard Wicksell 
1430-1500 Advanced Multimodal Analgesia for Children in Pain: From Integrative
Medicine to Mind-Body Techniques
Stefan Friedrichsdorf 
1500-1515 Questions
1515-1545                                                                                                Tea
1545-1615 How do we optimize the role of parents in children’s pain management? Christine T. Chambers 
1615-1645 Where do friends fit in? – Role of friends and social support in chronic pain  Paula Forgeron 
1645-1700 Questions



Half Day Hands On Workshop
Venue - Kedah & Selangor 1 Room

(US guided regional blocks in children – limited to 30 participants)

1330 - 1400                                                                                      Registration
1400 - 1430 How safe are regional blocks in kids? Safety issues of regional blocks in neonates, infants and children. Nishanthi Kandiah
1430-1500 Overview and demonstration of ultrasound imaging for regional blocks in children Adrian Bosenberg
1500-1515                                                                                              Tea
                                Hands on session Educator
1515-1545 Station 1: Head & neck blocks Adrian Bosenberg
Ng Kim Swan
1545-1615 Station 2: Upper limb blocks Lai Hou Yee
Chaw Sook Hui
1615-1645 Station 3: Lower limb blocks Nishanthi Kandiah
Ina Ismiarti Shariffuddin
1645-1715 Station 4: Truncal & abdomen blocks Kathryn Walker
Foo Li Lian
1715-1745 Station 5: Paravertebral blocks Charles Berde
Khoo Eng Lea


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