2-19 A Program in The Suburbs – Skip Embracing The Void And Creating Change

A Program in The Suburbs – Skip Embracing The Void And Creating Change

Huong Nguyen1

1) Australia

Background and Aims:

Support Kids in Pain (SKiP) is the first and only not-for-profit organisation in Australia to offer a community based multidisciplinary pain management service to children with chronic pain. With no government funding, limited resources, and reliance on in-kind donations, SKiP has delivered an evolving and responsive service. This study outlines the evolutionary journey of SKiP’s services and impact at the individual level.


Data from patient lists 2012 to 2016 were obtained to formulate a timeline of services and attendance. Evaluation surveys from parents and children were collected at the end of programs in 2016. Participants rated the quality of the overall program and gave feedback on their experience. Child and parent pain service questionnaires (ePPOC) were collected at initial and at follow-up intervals (2-weeks and 3-months post).


  • 2012-2014: 28 one-day pain assessment and group education sessions were delivered. Over 112 participants.
  • 2015: 4 four-day self-management workshops were delivered, in addition to the assessment service. 18 participants.
  • 2016: 5 one-day Follow-Ups and 5 one-day Refreshers were delivered to support 5 group assessment clinics and workshops. 20 participants.
  • 45% of program evaluation surveys were returned, feedback was positive. See Table 1.
  • Snapshot of pre and post ePPOC items related to school attendance, sports engagement, ability to sleep and pain-related worry. See Table 2.


The SKiP experience demonstrates that small organisations can make a positive difference to children with chronic pain and a community-based group activity program can be effective. Limitations e.g. low survey completion needs to be addressed. Regardless, SKiP continues to evolve, with the delivery of four outreach trips planned in 2017.


ePPOC at the University of Wollongong (UOW) Australia

Funding supporters – Commonwealth Bank, Signato Foundation, Allens, Ashirwad Foundation, Women & Change